Amy Taylor Photography | About

I am a part time photographer, working out of an in-home studio in Kitchener, Ontario with a part time studio in Exeter, Ontario. I am currently servicing Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Stratford, Exeter, London and surrounding areas. I specialize in custom newborn photography with a natural, earthy feel to it. I also offer maternity portraits, family portraits and have recently fell in love with engagement and wedding photography as well.  As a kitchener based wedding photographer, my style leans towards dark, moody and emotional, I want people to look back at their images and remember how they felt in the moment.


Education and learning are very important to me.  I am constantly wanting to learn new skills and improve my craft so I am often taking various online classes and workshops.  I have also had the amazing opportunity to take in person workshops with world leading newborn photographers Nicole Smith, Rachel Vanoven and Angie McCabe of Myrtle and Moss Photography. 


I know most people's about me pages talk about how they have loved photography from the first time their dad handed them their very own camera. I fit this description too, but let's be honest, that's a boring story and tells you absolutely nothing about me!  Of course I love photography, I became a photographer, but that isn't very exciting news.


Let's discuss some more interesting things shall we? How about some random facts! Some silly, some deep!


  • I love iced coffee, but hate hot coffee
  • I love pasta and cupcakes, why can't I live on these things alone? Why??? Why???
  • My happy place is at my family cottage, in the hammock with a good book in one hand and a sommersby in the other.  Hammocks are pretty awesome.
  • I have a lil pupperoo (that's a super cool word for dog... if you want to use it, I totally can't blame you, but be sure to give credit for the invention of the word where it's due please :) ).  He is a super strange dog with quite the personality, just like his mama (yes, I call myself his mama). He is my world, and I would probably walk through fire for him. (Yes you are correct, I do not have children yet)
  • Marley and Me is the saddest movie ever, I bawl like a baby every time I see it (see above point for explanation)
  • I really like epic locations for photos, the more epic the better, I'm willing to do a lot if it means you get an amazing photo.
  • I'm actually incredibly shy and suffer social anxiety at times.  Running this business has been a really good thing for me because I can't just say nothing and hide in a corner like my instincts tell me to.
  • I really hate hotdogs... and Kraft dinner... and ketchup... and pickles... and steak!  Don't worry, I already know I'm weird!
  • I like to watch comedy shows while I edit... Parks and Rec, The Office, Mindy Project, How I Met Your Mother. 
  • A life without laughter isn't worth living!