I know most people's about me pages talk about how they have loved photography from the first time their dad handed them their very own camera. I fit this description too, but let's be honest, that's a boring story and tells you absolutely nothing about me! Of course I love photography, I became a photographer, but that isn't very exciting news.

Let's discuss some more interesting things shall we? How about some random facts?

I love iced coffee, but hate hot coffee.

I have a relatively new obsession with house plants, and all things green!

I change my furniture around constantly, I love using my house for sessions because it gives me an excuse to move everything around from room to room and to create a fresh new space! If I had to choose a second dream career, it would be design!

I love pasta and cupcakes, why can't I live on these things alone? Why??? Why??? (I am always secretly hoping there are cupcakes at weddings!)

I have a little pupperoo named Oakley. He is my world, despite the fact that he wakes me up to take him out the use the bathroom at least twice a night for the last eight years.

I really like epic locations for photos, the more epic the better, I'm willing to do a lot if it means you get an amazing photo. I often get asked if I will travel for sessions, and the answer is heck yes!

My approach?

My approach to photography is to document your unique love story the way it exists in reality. I want to capture the way you hold each other, laugh with (and at) each other, smile at each other and rest with each other. Life isn't always perfect, but there is beauty and serenity in that imperfection. I love documenting adventures that couples go on together, and on the flip side, I also love capturing love where it lives, in the living room you watch Netflix in, the kitchen you cook together in, the bedroom where you have your cuddlefests. I want to get to know you, what makes you tick, what fuels you, where your heart lies. I believe that this allows me to capture people in a raw, authentic, beautiful way and helps me tell your stories.