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Living the Dream

June 12, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Growing up in the Taylor family, when asked the question "how are you?", often the reply has been "oh, you know, just living the dream". Usually this was my brothers line, because he actually was living the dream, always up to something new and exciting. As time went on, I decided to steal his catchphrase reply and use it as my own. However, mine was usually said in a sarcastic tone of voice, because I was definitely not living my dream, I didn't even know what my dream was. I just went about my way thinking that one day my dream would just fall into my lap, because that's the way life happens right? Wrong!  I have always loved taking photos. I remember getting my first camera as a child, my dad won it in a golf tournament, it was definitely not good enough for a family camera, but good enough for a child to play with. My first camera was so old school it took 110 film, which is a really tiny format film for subminiature cameras, I also had to buy external flash cartridges, so one cartridge had about 10 flashes on it. I wish I still had this camera, I feel as if it would fit right in with my vintage camera collection! I always had an interest in taking photos, especially when I travelled, one day before I left for my first trip to Europe, I was looking at the the stock photos of Paris I had in my home framed and on my walls, and I decided that I would never buy a piece of art again, I was going to make it myself! I thought there is no reason why I should ever have to put someone else's photos up in my home, I should only have my own on my walls! I am that annoying person that feels the need to document every cool door, window, door knocker, dessert shop, vespa, and breathtaking view that I come across. I think the reason for this is that my memory is actually pretty terrible, and without photographic evidence I may forget all the amazing things I have seen in this life, in fact, likely I would.

 Then a few years came and went and my friends and co-workers started having babies, and I thought to myself, I should try this out, babies are pretty cute right? Can't be that hard! Oh was I ever naive! I am so grateful to these friends who "leant me their babies" for me to practice on. I am so grateful to these women, but at the same time I feel terrible for them, because, as it turns out, newborn photography is really hard! Babies cry, a lot, they wiggle, and they don't always like to sleep, despite what people tell you! But for some reason, despite several epic fails, I decided to keep at it, to keep learning, and to keep trying to improve. It has been about 15 months since that first newborn "shoot", I will use that term loosely because I don't really think it should count. But I look at that first session, and I look at my most recent sessions, and seeing the improvement just makes me want to keep at it and improve that much more. I look at photos like this one... and I think to myself, I may have just found my dream! My dream didn't just fall into my lap, it has taken me 29 years to figure out, and my dream isn't easy, it is actually really hard work. It is frustrating at times, and there are days I want to set down my camera for good because I feel like a failure, but the truth is because I have worked hard, and I have learned so much and grown, I love it that much more! I finally feel like I can say I am living my dream :)




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