Kitchener Maternity Photographer


Nine months goes by slowly, but also quickly at the same time.  Maternity photos are a beautiful keepsake from this special time in your life. Not only are they a keepsake for you, but they are also an heirloom to leave to your child.  Maternity photography is focused on connection between both of the parents, but also of the bond between mother and child. The images that end up being my favourite images, are the ones that tell a story, capture an emotion, and make the viewer feel something.

Maternity sessions are typically booked between 28 and 35 weeks, that way the belly is nice and round, but you are also comfortable enough to go for a walk, and pose for photos. If you are expecting multiples, then you likely will want to book your session on the earlier end of that spectrum.   Your session can take place outdoors, at your home, or at my in home lifestyle studio located in Kitchener, Ontario.



Styling the session is a very important aspect. I love to help in any way that I can!  I do provide a selection of wardrobe that is available for client usage. My style leans towards relaxed, flowy and bohemian, this is reflective in the wardrobe that I provide.


For more information about booking a session please get in touch!