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Janelle + Travis - Wallaceburg Wedding

"I knew he was the one because we had been through so much as a couple (more so than the average relationship), and I just knew we could get through anything together because we never gave up on each other."


Janelle + Travis

Wallaceburg, Ontario Wedding

When Janelle first got in touch with me, we weren’t able to get together in person for a meeting, because as it turns out, she was living in Alberta, and planning a wedding back home in Ontario! She and Travis had been doing a long distance relationship for a significant period of time. I thought it might be fun if I got Janelle’s help writing the blog about their love story… here’s what she had to say.

” Travis and I have spent most of our time together living apart. We first met at a house party when I was living in London for school, then I moved to Sarnia for school, and then I moved in with my parents who lived in Calgary, I was there for four years.  When I was in London, Trav would come up to see me once a week and then he would come pick me up and take me back to Wallaceburg on weekends (you can tell this was the beginning of our relationship because that was a lot of driving for him! lol – he hates driving, and I didn’t have a car at the time).  I moved to Sarnia to be closer to him and we continued to see each other once a week and on weekends. When I was done school, I moved in with a few friends and attempted to look for work – but I wasn’t happy with my living situation and I was finding it really tough to find a good job, so I made the really difficult decision to move to Calgary to be with my family and find employment.  I wasn’t sure how often we would be able to see each other, but I knew we would be able to get through it. I had a lot of faith in us and we trusted each other 100 percent.  The longest we went without seeing each other was 4 months, this was incredibly hard, but we took turns flying out to see each other and somehow we made it work!

By the fourth year I was in Calgary we had been together a total of 7 years and at this point I was really hoping he would propose soon but it just didn’t seem to be happening.  Our relationship was getting rocky, I was getting impatient, and I wasn’t sure where my life was headed.  He flew out the last year for Christmas and our visit didn’t go super great ( little did I know he had already bought a ring in November).  He ended up flying home without proposing.. but then he kept asking me if he could come visit me in March, even though he just flew out (which I thought was weird because he’s not the biggest fan of flying and we usually took turns).  He ended up flying out in March and that’s when he proposed!  I knew he was the one because we had been through so much as a couple (more so than the average relationship), and I just knew we could get through anything together because we never gave up on each other.”

I love the realness of this love story. Let’s be honest here, love isn’t always a magical fairytale, life can be tough some times, sometimes things aren’t easy, you just have to decide that, this is the person you want to go through life’s tough times with, this is the person you want to fight about whose turn it is to take out the garbage with, this is the person you want to love for the rest of your life.

Travis and Janelle, you guys are amazing, I can’t wait to see where life takes you now that you finally get to be together forever.

Vendor Love

Florals: Westbrooks Flower Shoppe

Hair and Make up: Make-up: Kelsey Turner  Hair: Pashion Salon & Spa

Church: Wallaceburg Christian Reformed Church

Reception: Wilkesport Community Centre 

Dress: Essence of Australia

Suit: Moores

Rings: Hers: Ben Moss, Spence Diamonds, His: D.S. Walker

Invitations: Minted

DJ: The Music Man DJ Service

Cake: Lisa Roberts Cakes

Donuts: Global Donuts & Deli

Photography: Amy Taylor Photography

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