Steva and I have been trying to organize a couples session for her and her husband Josh for quite some time! We decided that Tobermory would be the right spot, the two of them love camping there, and I haven’t been in years!

The way things worked out we decided on a sunrise session at the Grotto.  I hopped in my car at 3:30am to leave for Tobermory, and arrived at the park only to learn they don’t open until 9am…. Whoops.. bad planning there.
Luckily Tobermory has lots of other gorgeous places to work with so we headed to the lighthouse first and then ended up at the Grotto later in the morning. The grotto is such a beautiful spot, with turquoise blue waters that will make you think you are in the Caribbean, a cave and so many other interesting places to explore.

Lessons learned from this session:
1) Check the opening time of national parks (This website would have helped)  https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/on/bruce/activ/experiences/grotto
2) Need to invest in hiking boots, my weak ankles and a ten minute trek on a rock beach is asking for disaster.

Of course, we still had an amazing time, and got amazing images!

Engagement session at Tobermory

If you are looking for some amazing spots to do a couples session or engagement session, Tobermory is an amazing option.  If you are interested  in seeing other options, check out this gorgeous Dundas Peak engagement session: Dundas Peak.

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