Mother looking down at daughter

“There is nothing as powerful as a mother’s love, and nothing as healing as a child’s soul” ~ unknown

In 2018 I started offering Mommy and Me mini sessions for the first time. I realized that all too often, mom’s are missing from the family photo album. Mom’s make sure they take their kiddos for professional photos, they break out the camera and take photos of dad with the kids, but no one is really taking photos of her with them. So when kids look back in the family photo albums, mom isn’t in there very often! I know this is the case with my own family albums.

As women we make a lot of excuses not to exist in photographs… “my hair isn’t done”, “I don’t have make up on”, “I’ll take photos when I lose 10 pounds”. The truth is, your kids don’t care that your hair isn’t perfect, or that you are still carrying around that ten extra pounds. They want to see the face that got them up in the morning and made pancakes on Saturday; the body that they cuddled when they snuck into bed with mom and dad after a scary dream; they want to see their beautiful mother, the woman who they called from college when they got a bee sting and didn’t know what to do (true story ;)).

So mamas, exist in photos with your children, treasure these moments because they won’t last forever. Leave your children with a photographic reminder of just how much their mother loved them. One day you won’t be here anymore, and photographs and memories are the only things that are left behind.