Couple cuddling in boho styled living room

When planning your engagement session, some people like to just choose a pretty location and put on a pretty dress. (That’s totally great and I love that too). Other couples prefer to choose a location where they can feel more like themselves, where they can be comfortable and affectionate and have fun! When Samantha and I were talking about the vibe that she and Kenny were looking for their photos, she wanted something that was a bit bohemian in style. Luckily for her she hired a photographer that loves everything bohemian and is obsessed with home decorating!

In home sessions are my absolute favourite thing to do in the winter! No one is complaining about how cold it is, there is no danger of losing fingers or toes to frost bite, and I get an excuse to move all my furniture and decor around to make things fresh and new! It’s a win/win!