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Emotive Engagement Photo of couple on Rock Dunder near Kingston Ontario, Ontario Emotive Wedding Photographer

This Rock Dunder Engagement session is by far the session I get asked about the most. There is an excellent reason, this location is out of this world gorgeous. Jessica and Mark contacted me and originally wanted me to come to Ottawa for their adventure engagement session. I have always wanted to shoot at Rock Dunder, so I casually suggested/begged them to do their session there! They were incredibly amazing sports about making my dreams come true! This is not an easy location to get to, even getting to the parking lot feels like you are off-roading.

The almost hour long hike to get to the summit was not very well marked, and the terrain was definitely rough at times. I was so thankful to have Mark there to be paying attention to the trail markers. I was definitely too busy staring down at my feet trying not to trip (again). This hike is not for the faint of heart. When we first arrived there were multiple signs warning people to keep their dogs on leash due to multiple bear sightings. Still we soldiered on.

About 15 minutes into our hike we were chatting away and I just barely heard a sound. We all stopped talking and concentrated on it. It was a woman who had gotten off the trail and was lost in the woods! She had been lost for hours! We got her back on the trail and had her call when she reached her car so we knew she was safe. Getting lost in the woods and eaten by bears was my greatest fear. I even had myself so freaked out that I bought a bear bell, whistle, fire starter, and gigantic battery pack for cell phone charging. I convinced myself that while I was being irrational, I would feel much better if I was well prepared. As it turns out, I was really glad I was prepared! It definitely was an adventure filled session!

When we finally reached the summit, we all just sat down on the giant rock and looked out in absolute wonder at the beautiful sight before us. A view so beautiful that it took my breath away (and not just because I was huffing and puffing from the uphill hike there lol). The only thing about hiking to this beautiful location, is that you need to make sure you make it back to your car before dark. We weren’t able to stay for sunset, but the weather gods decided to shine down on us and give us the perfect cloud to make it look a bit like sunset!

Ontario really does have some amazing locations, you just have to look a bit harder to find them, and maybe drive a bit further. If anyone is interested in an adventure session, I am all about it! Let’s get in the car and go! I am so excited to finally share a larger chunk of this session with everyone!